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Live 12 Step Video Meeting App

A meeting in your pocket, anywhere, anytime!
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Welcome to MeetingMaker!

MeetingMaker is designed to help people locate and attend 12 Step video meetings directly from their phones. Whether hosting, managing, or just attending, MeetingMaker offers 24/7 access to a wide variety of anonymous meetings.


Explore the Recovery World!

MeetingMaker is global in nature and has the muscle to handle it. The search features are second to none. All meetings are in in the users local timezone. Meetings may be conducted from anywhere at anytime in any language.


App Languages

MeetingMaker App is currently available in English but may be easily translated into any language.

To request a new language please submit a support ticket from within MeetingMaker App.


Cool Stuff

'Meeting Now' instant access to a live meeting.

'Live Meetings' for browsing.

You may select a home meeting shortcut on the home screen.

You may select favorite meetings for your reference.

You may add calendar items and reminders to your device for meeting start times.

You can ignore global meeting timezones. All meetings are in your local time.

A meeting in your pocket, anywhere, anytime!

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